Debt Workouts Can Set Your Loan Straight

If you are having difficulties with your existing real estate lender, the M1 Capital Corp Team is here to discuss financing solutions. We offer debt workouts for borrowers in all types of situations, with opportunities to help you thrive long-term. We work with clients in New York County, Westchester, Dutchess, Bronx, and Rockland Counties to create and seamlessly transfer any problematic loans. If working with your current real estate lender has become an unworkable situation for you or your company, contact M1 Capital Corp to see what opportunities await you.

You Can Correct a Financing Nightmare

Our mortgage professionals take special pride in providing debt workouts for our clients who are unhappy with their current financing and need to find a suitable alternative solution. Areas of expertise include:

An accelerated note or mortgage: This is a clause in some loan agreements that can require the borrower pay off a loan immediately in certain situations. Examples of those situations include borrower default and the transfer or sale of the mortgaged property (sometimes called a due-on-sale clause).

Refinance or new purchase denial: If your existing lender is not willing to consider refinancing for your existing mortgage, you are not stuck with your financing. In many cases, we can buy out your current mortgage and refinance with better rates or terms that work better for you.

Loan modification denial: When a current lender is unwilling to modify a loan, we may be able to find a refinancing solution that helps you achieve your financing goals.

Foreclosure initiated: If your existing lender has begun the foreclosure process, contact M1 Capital Corp as soon as possible. In many cases, we can stop the process and help you salvage your loan.

Denied working capital for business needs: If you have commercial financing with a different lender and are not supplied with the consistent funding you expected, we may be able to help. We can design a financing agreement that gives you access to the continuous capital you need.

Lack of rapport with lender: We meet many clients who may not have a tangible problem with their existing lenders, but who are not receiving the attention and care they deserve. If you have been treated rudely or for any reason are dissatisfied with your current mortgage professional, M1 Capital Corp can help.

We Offer Solutions

When you are dissatisfied or struggling with a lender, it can create stress and strife. The M1 Capital Corp mortgage professionals are here to find solutions for you. If you live in New York County, Westchester, Dutchess, Bronx, or Rockland Counties, contact us today to discuss debt workouts and get back on track with your loan.

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