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Leverage the Benefits of C-PACE Financing with M1 Capital Corp

The C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) loan program is one of the most effective financing strategies, and it benefits the environment, community and building owner. Long term, low cost, fixed-rate financing is available to building owners who borrow for the purpose of pursuing green projects including improvements to energy efficiency, water conservation and other improvements that reduce the carbon footprint, and directly benefit the local community or environment overall.

The high efficiency facility designs that lower energy costs and/or conserve resources improve the marketability of the property and make it more appealing to potential tenants. But this is just the beginning of measurable benefits of C-PACE!

Lenders are incentivized to make C-PACE loans at lower interest rates because savings realized by the improvements offset the cost of financing

This is especially useful in an era when rising interest rates are putting a hold on many projects.

C-PACE financing can comprise up to 25% of a developer’s capital stack. The loans can be an attractive alternative to traditional mezzanine financing because they are non-recourse and have longer terms and lower interest rates.

Our Team Can Help

The professionals at M1 Capital Corp are experts in C-PACE financing and its regulations. Robert Withers, president of M1 Capital Corp, brings 30 years of experience and a sterling track record to the table. While other commercial mortgage brokers have been stymied in the current unsettled market, M1 Capital Corp has remained firmly committed to providing creative solutions for commercial real estate industry clients.

The highly skilled team at M1 Capital Corp regularly works with clients in New York County, Westchester, Dutchess, Bronx, and Rockland Counties and, also nationally.


In addition to providing low-cost, long-term, fixed-rate capital for green projects, C-PACE contributes to the community and environment, thereby simultaneously making the property more desirable to prospective tenants and enhancing a positive green and civic-minded posture.

Currently more than 37 states and Washington, D.C. have adopted C-PACE enabling legislation, primarily driven by the opportunities for investment in local businesses, energy conservation and cost savings, and job creation.

"C-PACE has rapidly become recognized as one of the most potent tools CRE professionals have in their arsenal."

-Robert Withers, President of M1 Capital


For New Development, Renovations and Recapitalization

C-PACE is available for a broad base of needs. The low cost, fixed rate, long term financing is unique. Upgrades are financed with no money down and repaid as a benefit assessment on the property tax bill. The repayment term is tied to the projected useful life of the improvements, typically 20 years or longer. The lien takes precedence over most other types of debt, so lenders are confident to provide more funding for longer periods.

Building owners can accurately forecast the financial position of their properties because they’re insulated from rate fluctuations. C-PACE is also transferable, and transfer automatically when a property is sold.

Clear Benefits to C-PACE

Clean energy loan program for most any commercial property development, renovation or recapitalization
Long-term, fixed rate, low financing opportunity
Versatile and market stable
Transferable when a property is sold
Can be applied retroactively, up to two to three years depending upon state
Improvement possibilities include solar panels, wind turbines, high efficiency HVAC, water saving fixtures, irrigation systems, drainage improvement, waterproofing, lighting control and more

Rely on M1 Capital Corp

M1 Capital Corp’s complete expertise in commercial mortgage brokerage and thorough knowledge of the C-PACE program regulations simplifies these transactions and greatly expedites the process. To find out more about C-PACE and its multitude of benefits, call today to schedule a one-on-one call with M1 Capital Group President, Robert Withers (866) 990-9559.