Creating Your Commercial Real Estate COVID-19 Dream Team


As an owner, investor, or potential buyer of commercial real estate during COVID-19, we are sure you have weathered many challenges. Commercial real estate is struggling since many office spaces, restaurants, stores, and bars have been forced to close or seen reduced business due to COVID-19. This means that if you own or plan to […]

Selling Your Property During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Are you planning to sell your real estate and wondering how you will fare during COVID-19? Many areas are seeing falling prices, which may have some sellers worried. However, other areas are experiencing surprises as the pandemic continues to impact everyone’s major life plans. You may be selling a commercial property and wondering what uses […]

Mortgage Legislation During COVID-19


Over the last few months of the pandemic, our federal and state governments have passed laws to provide for economic and mortgage relief due to COVID-19. More legislation is pending in the House to provide further protections. We are here to keep you updated on past developments and to watch what is happening in our […]

Working with your Mortgage Lender During COVID-19


You may or may not have taken advantage of the current deferral plans for mortgages during COVID-19. While these vary depending on the type of mortgage you have, many people’s deferral options are set to expire in June or July unless the government provides legislation to extend them. This means that your relationship and communication […]

My 90-day Payment Deferment is Up, Now What?


My 90-day Payment Deferment is Up, Now What? 06/10/2020  Robert Withers Each commercial real estate asset class has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Many commercial lenders extended 90-day payment deferments to their borrowers as a way to help relieve immediate financial hardship in case the tenants (sometimes the borrowers themselves) […]

Buy, Sell or Hold?


Buy, Sell or Hold? CREF Expert Robert Withers Offers Timely Advice April 15, 2020   During these turbulent times, many lenders are suspending activity or taking very conservative views on ongoing business. Investors are in a panic, not knowing what their best path forward is. Robert Withers, President and CEO of M1 Capital Corp., has […]

Commercial Construction Financing


Commercial construction loans are inherently risky ! Why?  Let us count the ways. Too often, developers can’t secure permanent financing upon a project’s completion. If it’s a condominium project will the condo project sell out? Then, there is construction gamble, as cost overruns, accidents, delays and other problems tend to occur on every job. Imagine, […]

The CRE Market Looks To Stay Hot in 2018 – And Beyond


Today’s Market   The commercial real estate lending market came off of a record year in 2017, as mortgage originations totaled $530 billion. Fundamentally, rates, property values, credit policies and demand support the continuing strength of the CRE market. Technically, a large block of maturing CMBS loans will leave many CRE owners attempting to sell […]

The Role of Alternative Lending in the CRE Market Today


Robert Withers | February 2018 Most of us remember the Great Recession of 2007-2012 and, more specifically, the crippling financial crisis of 2007-2008. One of the largest—if not the largest—contributors to this event was the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis. During this time, we experienced “a perfect storm” of falling real estate values, tightening mortgage lending practices, […]